Grapefruit, jasmine and Juniper combine with an array of beautifully balanced botanicals, creating a smooth, signature taste unlike any gin you've had before


Locally hand-crafted from the freshest ingredients

Perfected in Weston CT, and batch distilled in Greenport NY, TUCK Gin uses only the freshest ingredients for uncompromising flavor. Our grapefruit is organic from the west coast, peeled by hand, and all of our botanicals are brought in live - never dried.


TUCK n’ Tea

MIX over ice:

2 pt(s) lightly sweetened iced tea

1 pt(s) TUCK Gin

Squeeze a wedge of lemon & garnish


The TUCK Negroni

MIX over ice in shaker:

2 pt(s) TUCK Gin

.5 pt(s) Campari

1 pt(s) Vermouth

Shake and strain into highball glass

Rub rim with twist of orange peel and use as garnish


TUCK & Tonic

MIX over ice:

2 pt(s) tonic (we recommend Fevertree Light Tonic)

1 pt(s) TUCK Gin

Garnish with fresh sage & slice of lime


Available now in Connecticut and New York

TUCK Gin is landing in stores and at your local restaurants


Contact us - info@tuckgin.com

2019 AKA Spirits Inc. Fairfield County CT. Please enjoy TUCK Gin responsibly.