Modern American Craft

It all started in my Weston, Connecticut basement, and after significant trial and error over years, a nearly perfect recipe emerged. TUCK Gin was born. 

With three Weston, CT partners all living close to the Saugatuck River, and with each bringing unique strengths, experience and expertise, the journey to share TUCK Gin with everyone began.

TUCK Gin’s refreshing taste is distinct from other gins and spirits. Indeed, each sip reveals the excitement, passion and expertise that went into making TUCK. By bringing it to you, we celebrate the freshest ingredients distilled with meticulous care which creates a lush and balanced flavor. 

Fresh hand-peeled grapefruit peel, fresh jasmine flowers, two junipers and six other botanicals, each individually distilled and then blended, makes a unique and distinct gin. The citrus notes pair perfectly with the juniper’s balance and the spicy notes which reveals a smooth gin with a long-lasting finish. Our gin won a silver medal at the New York World Spirits Competition in 2019.

In addition to the flagship TUCK Gin, TUCK barrel finished gin was also launched in limited quantities by aging our gin in French oak barrels, previously used for red wines. Our barrel finished gin was awarded a silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2020.

In order to make our gin more accessible, TUCK & Tea ready-to-drink was also recently released, being a non-carbonated canned-cocktail.  It consists of just three ingredients: TUCK Gin, organic brewed black tea, and a small amount of pure cane sugar.  More TUCK ready-to-drink canned cocktails are on the way!

Try our two TUCK gins straight up or as a key component to your favorite cocktail. Likewise enjoy a TUCK & Tea which is great over ice with a slice of lemon or fresh mint.  Anticipate more exciting taste experiences from TUCK soon.

– Jonathan Davies, President & Chief Tasting Officer