It all began in the basement of my home in Weston, Connecticut. After plenty of trial and error, I knew I had finally found the perfect recipe, and TUCK Gin was born.

Proud to embark on the journey to share TUCK Gin, I joined forces with three partners who lived in Weston. We decided to cut TUCK with water from the Saugatuck River, the same river that connects us all.

We invite you to try the difference in the flavor of TUCK Gin compared to other spirits. We guarantee you’ll taste the spirit that goes into making every bottle. Our gin embodies real American roots, unique flavor, and a feeling of freedom.

We take hand-peeled grapefruit, individually distilled botanicals, and signature juniper flavor to give you a different kind of gin, one you’ve never tasted before. The citrus notes pair perfectly with the juniper’s balance so that the smooth, spicy finish creates a long-lasting flavor.

With the success of TUCK Gin, we’ve also expanded to include a barrel finished version aged three months in French oak barrels. We have also released TUCK & Tea, a delicious canned-cocktail, ready-to-drink with only three ingredients: TUCK Gin, organic black tea, and a small amount of pure cane sugar.

We dare you to try something different and enjoy TUCK Gin with tonic, with tea or enjoy the surprising and delightful taste straight up. Enjoy a TUCK & Tea best over ice with a slice of lemon or fresh mint.

-Jonathan Davies, Founder & Chief Tasting Officer